I am the author of the book series “Pride’s Downfall”.  The first book in the series, “UnHoly Trinity”, will be released by Mountain Springs House Publishing in October 2013.  “Be Not Afraid”, previously published by another company, will be launched some time after.  Then will come “Resurgence:  The Rise of Judas”.  I am currently working on Book 4, “Enoch’s Return.”

3 Responses to About

  1. Hi, K.R! I love your blog site and the very unique and interesting way you spotlight your author’s and their books! Thank you for hosting “Remember Della” on your site and for the delightful way you introduced each segment of information. You actually entice the reader to keep reading.
    Thanks, again, for “going that extra mile” and all the best to you!
    Cynthia Burroughs

  2. Hi, just stopping by to thank you again for participating in my book tour. I had mentioned to BK Walker at the VBT Café that I would like to offer the tour hosts who Spotlighted “Remember Della” on their blog site either an eBook or a signed paperback. If you will email me to let me know which you prefer, along with either your email or mailing address, I will be delighted to get you a copy of “Remember Della”.

    Kindest regards,

    Cynthia Mock Burroughs

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