Just one of those days, I guess…

Ever have one of those days that just leaves you dry? That was today for me–although it was just one incident. However, I’m still shaking my head about it. Which makes it hard to write…all that head-shaking…

“Come to the point!” you say.


Well, alright.

I had an appointment with a temp agency today. Not just some new place; I’d worked faithfully and tirelessly at pretty much the same place for this company for eight years. Their office used to be a mile from home, and I got to where I recognized the office people–at least while they were in the office. Out somewhere else, I probably wouldn’t know them from Adam’s off ox. It was that type of recognition.

However, they closed this office and moved to a place a half-hour drive (on a good day) from home at about the same time I got the ax at the place where I’d been working. When they left, it was like the entire company up and moved to a galaxy far, far away. I didn’t hear from them, and soon I forgot to even contact them any more.

Lately I’ve gotten in touch with that office, and was thrilled to hear that all of my e-mails were ending up in someone’s junk-mail folder. I was advised recently that I should make an appointment to come in and talk to “the new team”.

Uh-huh. The Sword of Damocles had just laid some more employees out–at an employment agency. I just feel so – warm and cozy…

Okay, I finally made the appointment, which for me was A Big Deal, because I do not like using phones, and making a call takes a lot of resolve.

I talked to the new gal, H., and made an appointment for 1:00pm today. I wrote it down, reminded myself incessantly, and still almost forgot it.

I was sitting at this very spot this morning, trying to keep life going on a Facebook event, when I realized that I had 45 minutes to get dressed and drive out to the hinterlands for that interview.

“Oh, dear,” I said. Although I think the words were probably a little stronger, and might have been a teensy bit louder, judging from the fact that it took me five minutes to extricate the cat from the ceiling.

I roared up the stairs, as fast as these legs move after having been plugged into a chair for three hours. So…not roarish so much. “Plod” works…

I have gained a bit of weight, so finding something that didn’t look like poo on me was a little difficult. My usual Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes were pretty much my fallback, and I found something useful, but not everything was going to work. An overjacket is still strewn on the kitchen counter…

Shoes? My every-day athletic shoes. My ability to work does not depend on what is on my feet. I have foot issues, and will not kowtow to someone else’s idea as to what is the proper shoe to wear. Deal with it.

I finally got out the door, grateful that I no longer park in the garage and have to deal with that stupid automatic door thing. The machine is fine–but the door is buckled in several places, and it takes the throwing of heavy objects at it to get it to close completely. Well, in my mind anyway.

To get to the office I had to take three of the four busiest highways in the Portland Metro area, which were not too bad today. However, I did have the privilege of driving behind members of the “How Slow Can You Go?” automobile club. This made the trip even more fun, and I really did feel like waving merrily at them as I drove past. But I have a mother-in-law at these drivers’ ages, so I behaved myself.

I got to the office with two minutes to spare, a miracle in itself.

Where I was told that H. was out of the office…a practically empty office, I might add.

One of the gals, after glancing over at her compadre–the only other person at the front of the office–said she would help me. So I sat down and answered her questions. Being me, I did try to engage her in casual banter. It’s just who I am. She was less than cooperative. Not cold, but just…all business. No responses to my comments. Not fun.

The whole process took five minutes. And there wasn’t one word, one question, that couldn’t have been answered over the phone or online. I walked out of there thinking, “For this I got dressed up?”

A half hour later, and I was home. The whole thing took less than 90 minutes, only five of which had anything to do with employment.

Dry…puzzled…still shaking my head.

Well, at least I got dressed…

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One Response to Just one of those days, I guess…

  1. bamauthor says:

    Been having a lot of those days lately…..(:

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