Review of “A Dead Red Alibi” (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 4) by RP Dahlke

Dead red alibi

Lalla has been jilted at the altar, or so she believes. What else is there to do but to flee to Arizona, and the land deeded to her by her Great-Aunt Mae?

Alone? Not by far. Dear old Dad accompanies her, and promptly falls down a mine shaft.

And, as life seems to go for Lalla, he is not alone down there. With him is the body of the local police captain, whose absence is yet to be missed. He is supposed to have been off on a yearly vacation, and no one at the precinct would have been concerned for a week, at least.

Lalla’s household increases by two, as misunderstood groom Caleb and cousin Pearlie show up to complicate things – and to make life much more interesting for her. Pearlie’s insistence on creating a PR business, and Lalla’s dad’s incrimination in the crime scene, cause her to get caught up in yet another crime scene. And nothing–including being driven over a cliff, a demented man with a shotgun, or a rattlesnake attack–can keep the two cousins from ferreting out the truth.

Why is the artist compound so private? Is there something behind the criminal records of the people who live there?

Using local gossip and intellectual savvy, Lalla and Pearlie, with the reluctant help of Caleb, burrow into the reasons behind the murders. As they do so, they come dangerously close to the loss of their own lives.


RP Dahlke has done a terrific job of writing a mystery full of red herrings. The story has twists and turns that would be the envy of any maze-master. I love a mystery that gives many threads of possibilities and doesn’t give away the ending until the last couple of pages.

This is the fourth book in a series that involves the characters in this book, and although it references the past stories, it is not necessary to read the previous stories to enjoy this one. It is easy to get involved with the people and the scenes in this story, and I enjoyed the tale immensely.

By itself or with the series, I highly recommend this tale–a great read!


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