“The Dybbuk’s Mirror”, a brand-new sequel by Alisse Lee Goldenberg


Friends are the mirror, reflecting the truth of who we are.

To start off, I must emphasize that I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO READ THIS BOOK! Just the name fascinates me.

A dybbuk, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “a wandering soul believed in Jewish folklore to enter and control a living body until exorcised by a religious rite“. Now that in itself pulled my interest in. So, of course, the next step was to look up the book and check it out. My go-to default is usually Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Dybbuks-Mirror-Allise-Lee-Goldenberg-ebook/dp/B00NA9AIZK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411069064&sr=8-1&keywords=the+dybbuk%27s+mirror), and, no, I don’t know how to shorten that link…

The book blurb is just as compelling:

It has been nearly two years since the events in The Strings of the Violin, and Carrie has adjusted to life as a university student far from her friends. However, when the path to Hadariah is sealed, she starts to fear malevolent forces may be behind the other strange occurrences around her. After trying to contact Lindsay and Rebecca to get help in unraveling the mystery, Carrie discovers that her friends are in fact missing. With no way of knowing who to trust, Carrie must find a way back to the land she once saved to rescue her friends from the dybbuks’ clutches.

Reuniting with the dybbuk princess Emilia, and finding a new friend in the mysterious farmer Mikhail, Carrie must once again do battle with Asmodeus’s forces, and help stop the chaos that threatens to overtake the land while striving to save both Lindsay and Rebecca. For the first time, Carrie is working without the two friends who have helped her through every major decision in her life. Carrie must learn to rely on herself, and find her own strengths to save those she holds dear.


Alrighty then–looks like I might want to read the first book first. Fortunately, I do have that book in my TBR pile:

strings of the violin

But this post is about “The Dybbuk’s Mirror”, so without further veering, I would like to share a bit from the book itself:


“Are you certain this plan of yours will work?” The dybbuk’s voice was rough with anger.

“I am certain.” The man bowed to the dybbuk. He was trembling from head to toe. His shirt was stained with sweat. The brown hair of his beard was matted from all the nervous tugging he had been doing.

“How can this be?” the dybbuk said to him. He sat perched on the edge of his seat, buzzing with energy.

“All the ways between worlds have been sealed.”

“That would be impossible,” the man said. He looked up in fear to see if his comment had angered the dybbuk. He knew how they hated being contradicted. “There are far too many ways for people to cross over for anyone to seal them all. I have found one that you can use for your purposes.”

“Good,” the dybbuk said. He rubbed his gnarled hands together excitedly. “It has been over a year now. High time for those girls to pay the price for what they did to our king. Your idea is perfect. Our revenge will be sweet.”

The man saw two other dybbuks emerge from the shadows, feral grins on their faces and their yellow eyes glowing in the darkness of what was once Asmodeus’s throne room. He trembled with fear.

“Remember our bargain,” the man said, struggling to keep his voice steady. He was pleased to find that he had succeeded. Too much was riding on his being taken seriously. “You keep your end of it, and I will keep mine.

You will not hurt a single hair on my child’s head.”

“Do not be afraid,” the dybbuk said to him. “We always keep our word. You will be greatly rewarded for your service to us. I promised you this — and a dybbuk never breaks any promise given. A bargain is a bargain.” He turned to the others. “He will show you the way. Follow our servant and do as he says. Our time is now.

Vengeance will finally be ours.”

The two dybbuks by his side nodded and ushered the man toward the doorway.

“These mortals are too easy to control,” the dybbuk said softly. He chuckled, a low, gravelly sound emanating from the back of his throat. “Soon I shall have all I seek: revenge, power, a title all of my own. This fool will make all of this possible, and I shall see him on his knees before me, groveling to his lord and master.”


Yikes! Okay, I’m hooked. I hope you are too!

Look for reviews to appear on my review site, http://kathyree.wordpress.com/, for both “The Dybbuk’s Mirror” and its predecessor, “The Strings of the Violin”, in the near future.

And good luck, Alisse, with your book launch. Much success!


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