Guest Blogger: Angela St. Clair

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest. I think I shall go find meself a margarita and catch some rays. In the meantime, Angela St. Clair will take over the helm of the good ship Bloggipop.

So settle back, and find out what gets Angela inspired:

I found inspiration several different places, but mostly in music. I’m not only an avid reader, but I’m also a hobby musician. While listening to Sarah Brightman’s “Anytime, Anywhere” one day, I visualized the opening of my story. More times than not, what I write comes to me in like a “movie format” in my head, and it just all fit together—the music, the scene, everything. I’m now about 1/3 of the way into this particular story, and I have found myself jumping genres a lot while I write. While the opening is Ms. Brightman, I’ve also found myself listening to Christina Perri, ZZ Top, Mozart, Garbage, Type O Negative, Thievery Corporation, and even Allman Brothers Band. I’m very excited to finish this project and see where it takes me.
For the moment, I’m still mulling over title ideas. I have my paranormal romance under the working title “Justina” for now, as that is the main character’s name. Justina is a vampire caught up in a moral debate. Her superior, Damien, is blurring the line of vampire ethics, but she can’t just desert him without serious ramifications; he has killed others of their kind for less. She has a potential ally to help set their organization correctly again, in Damien’s “younger brother” Gabriel, who is a former lover. She needs to decide if she can set aside the harsh feelings she has after Gabriel’s heartbreak to put him as their leader, or if she can overlook Damien’s poor actions and leave him be. In the midst of all this, Damien is calling for Gabriel’s death, knowing that he has what it takes to usurp him, and causing extra conflict for both Gabriel and Justina by involving the one woman who came between them before.

Angela St. Clair an Army wife, mom to two beautiful girls, and a diva English Bulldog named Duchess. She is a full time student working toward a BA in English Literature from Grand Canyon University, set to graduate in 2015. For the moment she calls Virginia home, but originally hails from Central Ohio. In the last 13 years she has lived in Germany, Tennessee, Ohio, Hawaii, Texas, and now Virginia. She hopes to publish her first book in the next year.



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