New blog for a new me!!

part 2

Well, here I am, embarking on a new blog.  This is one that will deal with me as an author, not as my other self.  Heaven only knows what I will write on here.

This is the blogsite that I will use for blog tours and the like.  The other blog, which is where I do book reviews and author interviews, will still be up and running.

I plan on learning more about blogging–even bought a book called “Blogging for Dummies”, which is gathering dust somewhere near my computer.  I see so many great blogsites, and I’d like to put all the knickknacks and gewgaws that other blogs have on my page, but that will be in the future.

Separating me from me will be difficult.  So why, might someone ask, are you bothering at all?

It has to do with privacy.  Even though I blather on for many mighty miles on screen, I don’t care to do so in the real world.  I’m not shy–I just value my privacy.

The name, K.R. Morrison, is an homage both to my ancestry and my Dad.  Clan Morrison originated in the 1400s, survived many a betrayal and clannish war, and my branch came to the Colonies in 1776.  My DAR connection.  A lot to be proud of.

And Dad is important to me.  We are closer now than we ever were when I was a kid.  I think if he and I were ever to paint the town red some evening, we’d both end up in jail.  My sister would have to bail us out, and we’d be sitting in there laughing our butts off.

I do have a published book out, but since I am changing publishers, I am willing to tout my up-and-coming book instead.  It will be published by Mountain Springs House, and it is the first of four.  The series is called “Pride’s Downfall”, and the first book is entitled “UnHoly Trinity”.  I can’t release any blurbs, but I can give you what may end up being on the back of the book:

What happened in the moments after Judas hanged himself?

Where did Cain go after the death of Abel?

Myths abound, and some of them have similar endings.

Cain murders his brother out of jealousy.  Judas betrays Jesus to those who want to see Him dead.  Vlad the Impaler destroys without mercy, and is legendary as Count Dracula.  Three souls, collected and bound together in the same body by Lilith, Satan’s mate and favorite slave.

Cain, Judas, and Vlad Tepes all fall into the same trap:  weakened by pride but too stubborn to turn back, they become cursed to walk the world through all of time.  Pursued by Hunters, a group first established by Cain’s tribe when he was abducted by Lilith and the Serpent, they must keep one step ahead of their enemies from century to century.

The tale starts in Genesis, moves to the time before and after the Crucifixion, then makes the journey into what will become known as the Carpathian Mountains.  We are dropped briefly into the 15th century, pass through time in Romania and Scotland, then conclude in 19th-century New Orleans.  This is where the story, and the three-souled Beast, must await another day and another century.


Hopefully that will be enough of a teaser.

(Wow, WordPress just put a bunch of stuff they call “related content”, and tags, below my entry!  I don’t see this with my other blog….

But I digress.  Get used to it.)

Speaking of blogs, I’ve done enough for one first-entry.  I have author interview questions to come up with and maybe watch a bit of TV, if there’s anything worthwhile on.  I’m betting not.  Maybe I’ll get some writing done on Book #4.  I’m 105 pages into it on paper, and 3/4 done with it in my head.  Time to get something done on it.  Or I’ll run out of things to write on here (uh-huh–as if…).

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11 Responses to New blog for a new me!!

  1. Awesome Blog!!! 🙂 Best of Blessings y Success!!! Felicidades!!! 🙂

  2. Nice meeting your blog. The book sounds like the sort of thing I’m interested in reading so look forward to checking it out.

  3. muriellerites says:

    Good luck with this new blog Kathy. No matter what your plans are with this, its going to take on your great personality.You don’t have to focus too much on the look of it, it will bloom to reflect you. Web sites are more like big ads which is why I prefer blogging. Have a grand day!

  4. Joe Owens says:

    Hope to learn and share with you. Ask if you have questions about blog mechanics.

  5. Great connecting with you too. I hope what I write is useful.

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